Several groups in the US and Canada are already preparing for launch in January of 2021, with plans underway to link reading, discussion and debate to organizing and action.

Whether an “academy of apparitions,” a “congress” of ghostly comrades, or the more feminist “racket of banshees” (or a pun-free socialist reading group) is more suitable to your local haunts, Spectre wants to hear from you and help coordinate efforts.

Soon, this page will host online contact info for reading groups in formation, or in aspiration.

We’ll organize special events for groups focused on specific Spectre articles and themes as well as discussions of important struggles, and Spectre editors will coordinate with our writers to join you in local group discussions.

“History teaches, but it has no pupils,” if you take Gramsci’s word for it. So, Spectre reading groups will be autonomous collectives organized by readers—like you. Subscribers who want to initiate them should fill out the form below to let us know!


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