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December 15, 2023

Israel’s daily atrocities have triggered an unprecedented global wave of solidarity with Palestine. Mass marches have rocked every major city in the world, including in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), where people have returned to the streets in mass numbers for the first time since the crushing of their Arab Spring revolutions. 
Spectre takes pride in standing with the Palestinian people, the revolutionary movement throughout the MENA region, and the international movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel. We see the Palestinian struggle for liberation from Zionist colonialism as a cutting edge of the global struggle for liberation. 

Special Issue on Palestine

The next issue of Spectre will be devoted entirely to the liberation of Palestine. A set of outstanding writers will address issues of settler colonialism, racial capitalism, and strategies for achieving freedom for Palestine.

We plan to have cultural contributions on Palestine as well as reviews of key books and a political bibliography to arm the movement with ideas. We are already planning Spectre Live events as part of the issue launch. 

We are proud to be devoting our issue to the critical global justice struggle of this moment. However, there is a risk that this will be our last print issue. Over the past year, the costs of producing our journal have risen by a third. We now find ourselves more than $10,000 in debt.

We have one chance of staying alive: by finding a dozen more monthly donors.

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We have one chance of staying alive: by finding a dozen more monthly donors. We are hugely grateful to those who have so far made this commitment to the Spectre project. But we need more committed supporters. Please become a monthly donor today
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You can also help us fund the special issue on Palestine by subscribing today and receiving a 20 percent holiday discount. This offer is available now through to New Years Day 2024. You will get access to all back issues online, get the new special issue on Palestine, and all future ones. 

This is a moment in which the English-language left needs to build the infrastructures of resistance, particularly those dedicated to Palestinian freedom as part of global liberation. We hope you can help Spectre in making its contribution to that cause. 

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