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January 31, 2022

This is a challenging time for the radical left. But it is no time for defeatism.

Too much of the left in the United States, having hitched its wagon to the Democratic Party, now finds itself reeling from demoralization as the Biden administration fails to defend voting rights and reproductive justice, engages in a new Cold War with China, and kowtows to big business.

Since its inception, Spectre has set a very different course. We have committed ourselves to fanning the flames of insurgent politics and radical hope. Spectre has repeatedly urged the left in the United States and beyond to avoid the pitfalls of electoralism by focusing on the transformative power of mass struggle.

But to continue this work, we need your support in helping us expand our network of subscribers and supporters.

To continue this work, we need your support in helping us expand our network of subscribers and supporters.

Spectre insists that the road to rebuilding the socialist left runs through grassroots mobilization: uprisings in defense of Black Lives; student walkouts and teachers’ strikes against lax Covid-19 protections; union drives at Starbucks; and feminist organizing for reproductive justice. Beyond the U.S., we have drawn inspiration from the farmers’ protests in India, the rebellion that won abortion rights in Argentina, the mass upheavals that defeated the right in Chile’s presidential elections, and the strikes against military rule in Sudan and Myanmar.

In all these areas, Spectre seeks to be a voice for global, multiracial, working-class struggles from below. We are proud of our contributions in the areas of abolitionism, mass strikes, Black and Palestinian liberation, social reproduction theory, and much more.

Our 2022 print issues will feature Ruth Wilson Gilmore on abolitionism, social reproduction, and care; analysis of the Marxism of Walter Rodney; an overview of abortion rights struggles in Argentina; debates on Modern Monetary Theory; reviews of major contributions to Arab Marxism; and much, much more.

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