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Class Organization and Rupture on the Terrain of Housing

An organizer with the Oakland-based Tenant and Neighborhood Councils (TANC) argues for a focus on base-building instead of what he characterizes as the two prevailing modes of housing politics: service and advocacy.



What should we understand today by the term “Leninism”? How much of it actually derives from Lenin’s theoretical output, or must we examine his actual political practice instead?


A COVID-19 Survival Guide

Three workers explain how the working class is fighting for life over profits in Southeastern Michigan.

A red pipeline, upheld by a bridge of metal cables, fades into the white mist. Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

The Global Supply Chain

The vulnerability of the global supply chain has been thrown into sharp relief amid the global pandemic. But earlier this year that vulnerability was also exposed by indigenous protests and solidarity actions across Canada. John Clarke, a longstanding anti-poverty activist in Toronto, draws some strategic lessons.


An Organic Crisis Is Upon Us

As the world descends into chaos, political struggles are articulated in unexpected ways. Gramsci’s concept of “organic crisis” can help us make sense of this mess and what it all means for the politics of class struggle.


¡Fuera Piñera!

An analysis of the 2019-20 uprising in Chile.

Soviet-Era Bas-relief on the facade of a building in Minsk, Belarus

Jordy Cummings’ Review of Comrade

Is it possible to think, write, and practice a communism that is not fully determined by the debates and divisions of the twentieth century, one that learns from socialist and communist struggles—victories as well as defeats—and extends the struggle for communism into the twenty-first century?

A lone truck or "road train" travels down an otherwise empty Australian road, beneath a blue and party cloudy sky

How “Just-in-Time” Capitalism Spread COVID-19

Historically, most epidemics have spread geographically through two common forms of long-distance movement: trade and war. The timing, however, changed dramatically with the rise of capitalism.


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