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Marching to a Different Drummer

Susan Ferguson explains how an analytic focus on time and temporalities might help us better understand how capitalism concretely conditions the work of life-making.


“We Won!”: University Professors Strike in Québec City

This February, thirteen-hundred faculty members walked off the job at Québec City’s Université Laval for nearly five weeks, winning a number of concessions from the university including pay raises and improvements to faculty workloads. Rhiannon Maton interviews Nat Nesvaderani about life on the picket line and the lessons learned for future struggles.


The Political Social Ontology of Astrology

Astrology has regained prominence as a resistance practice that challenges capitalist modernity. Matthew Cull and Nadia Mehdi ask: How might forms of thought inherent to astrological practice render us more susceptible to capitalist control, not less?

Class struggle

Notes on America’s Railroads

Guy Miller explains the roots of Congressional strike breaking in the railroad industry.

Photograph of a large, modern train station in England.
Class struggle

Tories Collapse Amidst a Growing Strike Wave

Raymond Morell writes about the latest wave of strikes across the UK in the face of an inflation and cost-of-living crisis, and analyzes the strengths and challenges facing the burgeoning movement.

Green-blue Casa Ejidal in an agrarian setting in Comonfort, Mexico

Mexico’s Ejido Experiment

Richard Velázquez Perales shows how Mexico’s ejidos offer more liberated relations of agrarian production but cannot alone resolve rural inequalities which predate, but were magnified by, neoliberal reforms.

Chicanx politics

Farah’s 50 Years Later

Fifty years ago, thousands of garment workers along the U.S.-Mexico border launched a two-year strike and boycott at Farah Manufacturing. Gabriel Solis draws lessons from their struggle for social movements on the border today.

A man working alone on a laptop at a white table in a room with rows of identical white tables.

Working Alone

In the face of reduced socialization while working, how can a 21st century labor movement develop the bonds required for robust anti-capitalist organization?


Payback Time

Kim Moody argues that the current economic conjuncture is among the most favorable for workers in decades. But might we see the organized militancy required to bring about better working conditions, wages, and contracts?


Coming Home from the Mines

Robert Ovetz reflects on the centenary of the Kansas wildcat coal strikes, considering the role of the Amazon Army and reflecting on lessons to be drawn from this labor history.


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