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Fearless and Fired Up: Lessons from the 1930s

An interview with the author of “Communists in Harlem During the Depression” on how the CP organized beyond the workplace in the 1930s and its applicability to the current moment.

Care Work

Middle School Can’t Be Digitized

A middle school teacher explains why we can’t just throw all of our lessons online in the face of COVID-19 and pretend that education is continuing as usual.


Defunding the Police Means Transforming Our Society

Gerald Smith speaks at today’s Juneteenth West Coast port shutdown against racist police violence, continuing the ILWU’s long history of waging anti-racist struggles as class struggles.


Bartending in the Apocalypse

Interview with James Brooke about his graphic vignettes from Bartending the Apocalypse, and excerpts from the work. More available on Instagram: @bartendingintheapocalypse


Agents of Repression

A thought experiment on why the police dont deserve the protections of working class solidarity.

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