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Continuous Crisis in Lebanon

Over a year after the explosion in Beirut, Joseph Daher explains why Lebanon’s neoliberal sectarian parties are likely to maintain their hegemony.


Out of Lockdown and Back into the Long Depression

Ashley Smith interviews Marxist economist Michael Roberts about the deeper reasons for capitalism’s contemporary malaise, the shape and contradictions of the recovery, and debates between Marxists and Keynesians about the ability of government spending to restore growth and profitability to capitalism.


False Profits

Robert Ovetz critically engages Christian Parenti’s latest book Radical Hamilton: Economic Lessons from a Misunderstood Founder.


After the Pandemic Slump, What Next?

Spectre’s Ashley Smith interviewed economist Michael Roberts about global economic prospects after the corona crisis.

Agrarian question

Let a Thousand Fiefdoms Bloom

Chris Smaje’s new book has received glowing reviews from ecosocialists. But scratch beneath the surface, and you will find a disturbing vision of the future defined by exploitation, domination, and patriarchy.


Salt in the Wound

What sorts of crises are emerging from Covid-19, and how should we understand them in relation to prior crises?


Covid Capitalism

Covid-19 has starkly revealed not only the brutal systemic priorities of capitalism—profit-making over life-making—but also the relationship between capital and the capitalist state form. We should be attentive to this relationship in order to face a darker truth about this crisis: that it is far from an anomaly and that lacking a body blow to the system, we should prepare for a world where such crises and its effects become part of our daily lives.


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