Tag: Political economy


After the Pandemic Slump, What Next?

Spectre’s Ashley Smith interviewed economist Michael Roberts about global economic prospects after the corona crisis.

Agrarian question

Let a Thousand Fiefdoms Bloom

Chris Smaje’s new book has received glowing reviews from ecosocialists. But scratch beneath the surface, and you will find a disturbing vision of the future defined by exploitation, domination, and patriarchy.


Salt in the Wound

What sorts of crises are emerging from Covid-19, and how should we understand them in relation to prior crises?


Covid Capitalism

Covid-19 has starkly revealed not only the brutal systemic priorities of capitalism—profit-making over life-making—but also the relationship between capital and the capitalist state form. We should be attentive to this relationship in order to face a darker truth about this crisis: that it is far from an anomaly and that lacking a body blow to the system, we should prepare for a world where such crises and its effects become part of our daily lives.


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