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Abolition and Tenant Power in Chinatown

Tenant organizers in LA write about the power of abolitionist politics in the fight against displacement in Chinatown.


Neither Productivism nor Degrowth

Ståle Holgersen moves us beyond the stale impasse between degrowth and eco-modernist approaches to eco-socialist strategy.

Class struggle

Revolt and Reaction

Shireen Akram-Boshar draws key lessons from the current wave of revolt and reaction that we can draw from the MENA region

The first massive feminist protest in Buenos Aires, June 2015
Class struggle

Making Everything a Feminist Issue

Camila Valle on the violence of Argentina’s neoliberalism, and the radicalizing feminist response that makes everything a feminist issue.


“We Won!”: University Professors Strike in Québec City

This February, thirteen-hundred faculty members walked off the job at Québec City’s Université Laval for nearly five weeks, winning a number of concessions from the university including pay raises and improvements to faculty workloads. Rhiannon Maton interviews Nat Nesvaderani about life on the picket line and the lessons learned for future struggles.


The Political Social Ontology of Astrology

Astrology has regained prominence as a resistance practice that challenges capitalist modernity. Matthew Cull and Nadia Mehdi ask: How might forms of thought inherent to astrological practice render us more susceptible to capitalist control, not less?

Blue tractor trailer with Amazon Prime logo crosses a bridge over water.

Turnover Time

Kim Moody explains how the extreme optimization of Amazon’s logistics systems, which keep goods (and therefore, capital) in constant motion, produces massive profits for the company while rendering it distinctively vulnerable to workers’ intervention. As technologically advanced as it is, Amazon still relies on human labor at every point in production; as its logistics networks become increasingly complicated, the points at which production can be slowed or stopped by organized labor continue to multiply.


Marxism for the Age of Climate Emergency

The “specter of communism” is passé; are “seeds of degrowth communism” taking root today? Gareth Dale evaluates Kohei Saito’s latest book.


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