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Fascism, Resistance, and the State

Cihan Tuğal offers a friendly critique of Spectre’s editorial statement on antifascist strategy in the wake of last week’s capitol riots.


We Cannot Let Yesterday’s Farce Become Tomorrow’s Tragedy

Wednesday’s stunt signaled a new stage in the emergence of a fascist right in the country. We must adamantly reject all “law and order” approaches, instead taking matters into our own hands, driving fascists out of the streets and out of our workplaces.


Why Tronti? Why Now?

Steve Wright interviews Andrew Anastasi on his long awaited collection of translated Mario Tronti essays.


Irreducibly Multiple

Amanda Armstrong-Price reflects on the meaning of last night’s election returns in the US and what it means for the American left going forward.


The Exception as the Rule

Ongoing organizing in the face of COVID-19 reveals how class struggles in Toronto are inseparable from fights waged on feminist, anti-racist, and other fronts, all in the name of reclaiming life over profits.


The Interregnum

Spectre’s Tithi Bhattacharya interviewed Meagan Day, Justin Charles, and Charlie Post about the left, electoral strategy, and class and social movements after the defeat of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary. In the first part, each answers Bhattacharya’s questions and in the second part, they respond to one another.

Kim Moody

The Rank and File Strategy on New Terrain

How should we think about the rank and file strategy in light of recent developments, and how can it incorporate an analysis of social reproduction? Kate Doyle Griffiths reflects on what this means for socialist strategy today.


Global Fever

Gareth Dale reviews Andreas Malm’s forthcoming book on responses to the coronavirus and climate change. “Malm describes his project as Leninist—but which of the umpteen Lenins is his?”


To End Police Violence, End Racial Capitalism

Peter Ikeler demolishes Dustin Guastella’s recent article arguing that socialists should oppose the defunding of police. Against this reactionary nonsense, he advocates a properly socialist and abolitionist politics.


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