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Building Asian American Liberation from Below

Promise Li argues that a true movement for liberation for Asian Americans requires building collective power by linking anti-racist and anti-capitalist struggles in coalition with other marginalized communities.


Erasing People through Disinformation

Disreputable writers and outlets, often operating under the aegis of “independent journalism” with purportedly “leftwing” views, are spreading corrosive propaganda and disinformation that aims to strip Syrians of political agency


Lessons from Hong Kong’s Fight for Democracy

An anonymous activist from Hong Kong draws lessons from the recent protests and explains what’s changed since the enactment of the draconian National Security Law.


Fuck Mindfulness Workshops

Spectre editor Tithi Bhattacharya explains why elite representation and mindfulness workshops are insufficient; what we need is a resurgence of militant mass mobilizations targeting the racist police state and capital.


Roundtable on China

Lausan and Critical China Scholars discuss how to effectively articulate a leftist, internationalist framework of solidarity in the face of mounting US-China tensions.


Recentering the Lumpen Question Today

Daniel Tutt reconsiders the meaning the “lumpenproletariat,” not as a noun, but as a verb: an active process of lumpenization. What implications does this rethinking have in store for communist strategy, and how does it allow us to better understand the recurrent phenomenon of Bonapartism?


Municipal Worker Strikes in Istanbul

As a strike wave builds in Istanbul, we get a taste of what organized labor will look like in a post-AKP Turkey.


The Radical Practicality of Community Control Over Policing

Community self-defense requires the capacity to respond to any and all challenges to its safety and self-determination – which requires gaining control over the resources currently consumed by police departments.


Snatching Victory

Jasson Perez argues that the rise of authoritarianism is a global phenomenon. When the US left takes an American exceptionalist approach, this sets us back in our quest to defeat neoliberalism, the insurgent right, fascism, and authoritarianism.


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