Author: Ashley Smith


The Crash after the Sugar Rush

In this interview, Michael Roberts discusses both mainstream and Marxist explanations for the current global slump, and how the left should be responding to it.


Against Putin’s War in Ukraine

Spectre’s Ashley Smith interviews Russian socialist Ilya Budraitskis about the politics of Putin’s ongoing war in Ukraine.


Fighting for Ukrainian Self-Determination

Yuliya Yurchenko situates the ongoing conflict in its broader political economic conflict, arguing for a decolonial approach to understanding the war.


Out of Lockdown and Back into the Long Depression

Ashley Smith interviews Marxist economist Michael Roberts about the deeper reasons for capitalism’s contemporary malaise, the shape and contradictions of the recovery, and debates between Marxists and Keynesians about the ability of government spending to restore growth and profitability to capitalism.


After the Pandemic Slump, What Next?

Spectre’s Ashley Smith interviewed economist Michael Roberts about global economic prospects after the corona crisis.


Competing with Nature: COVID-19 as a Capitalist Virus

Rob Wallace speaks about the global capitalist roots of the current pandemic, the likelihood of future pandemics, and the types of organized resistance necessary to prevent them.


Fighting for Black Lives at School

Ashley Smith interviewed Black Lives Matter activist and educator Jesse Hagopian about the struggle for Black Lives at school, the uprising for racial justice, the role of unions in that struggle, and the looming workers’ fight against austerity in cities and states across the country.


Striking for Racial Justice

Dave Zirin talks about what led to the NBA players’ strike, where it can go from here, and its implications for the Black Lives Matter and labor movements.


The Death of Hong Kong’s Autonomy: Beyond the Crackdown

Spectre’s Ashley Smith interviews leading Hong Kong activist Au Loong Yu in the aftermath of China’s latest crackdown. What does it all mean against the backdrop of the pandemic, global recession, and Cold War redux?


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