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Our Children Are in Crisis

A preschool teacher in Vermont writes about the calamity of going back to work in the fall.


A Semester to Die For

In our latest dispatch, an English professor argues that plowing ahead with university reopening in the fall is akin to the Thatcherite mantra, “There is no alternative.”

Care Work

Middle School Can’t Be Digitized

A middle school teacher explains why we can’t just throw all of our lessons online in the face of COVID-19 and pretend that education is continuing as usual.


What Do I Tell My Students?

A NYC teacher provides an account of being severely beaten by the NYPD for simply violating an 8 pm curfew.


Operating a Train in a Pandemic

A New York transit worker explains the limits of TWU’s conciliatory leadership and advocates a rank-and-file approach as the only way for workers to survive the pandemic.

Healthcare workers in masks hold up three protest signs and banners: Quality Health Care for All New Yorkers, Captialism: Do Not Resucitate: Healthcare Workers for Socialism, How Many of us must die? #PPEoverprofit #ProtecttheFrontLine
Care Work

Only the Rank and File Can Save Us Now

Organizing, workplace action, and basic protective equipment is not a privilege. It is a necessity if we want to be able to contain Covid-19 and for saving the lives of nurses and patients.


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