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Picasso's painting immortalized the scenes of horror when Guernica was bombed on behalf of General Franco's forces. The painting remains an emblem of resistance to the dishonesty of powerful aggressors: at the time, Franco denied responsibility for the horrors, claiming that "the Reds" had "destroyed Guernica" themselves in an attempt to court world sympathy.

Israel’s Antisemitism Ruse

In claiming victimhood Israel follows upon and extends racist settler logics. Yet we are beginning to see beyond this classic ruse.


Know Your Enemy

In this original, empirically rich study, Andreas Malm and the Zetkin Collective provide a systematic inquiry into the political ecology of the far right in the twenty-first century.


Proud Boys Face Canada’s Anti-Terror Law

John Clarke argues that the Canadian state’s repression of the Proud Boys sets a dangerous precedent for working-class movements and the political left.


Dressing the Emperor

Thomas Watters explains why a class analysis of the petite bourgeoisie is crucial to understanding the current political moment.


Snatching Victory

Jasson Perez argues that the rise of authoritarianism is a global phenomenon. When the US left takes an American exceptionalist approach, this sets us back in our quest to defeat neoliberalism, the insurgent right, fascism, and authoritarianism.


Fascism, Capital, and the State Today

Charlie Post responds to Cihan Tuğal’s critique of Spectre’s editorial statement on the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.


The Rabble and the Door

Steve Edwards on the semiotics of the invasion: “one set of supremacist fantasies faced off against another imaginary order.”


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