Tag: Fascism/Antifascism


The New Anti-Dreyfusards

Benjamin Balthaser argues that Antony Lerman’s recent book on state antisemitism fails to develop a theory of antisemitism for the current moment.


Family Abolition

Colin Wilson on Sophie Lewis and the politics of family abolition


Understanding the Carnage

The Colorado Springs shooting represents a wave of proto-fascist violence targeting queer and trans people. Now, more than ever, is the time for a mass movement for LGBTQ liberation.

This is a side-on view of the Brazilian flag draped over a table. The words, "Ordem e Progresso" are visible.

“Bolsonarismo” after Bolsonaro

Sean Purdy explains how a network of far-right elements may seek to continue promoting a “Bolsonarist” agenda in Brazil, even after his loss to Lula da Silva in Brazil’s recent Presidential election, and how the left must learn from its legacy of antifascist struggle in order to truly defeat them.

Futuristic urban communal housing with agriculture, solar panels, and cooperative labor

Revolution in Our Lifetime

Phil Kaplan reviews M.E. Obrien and Eman Abdelhadi’s Everything for Everyone, a speculative oral history of the struggle for the New York Commune.

Picasso's painting immortalized the scenes of horror when Guernica was bombed on behalf of General Franco's forces. The painting remains an emblem of resistance to the dishonesty of powerful aggressors: at the time, Franco denied responsibility for the horrors, claiming that "the Reds" had "destroyed Guernica" themselves in an attempt to court world sympathy.

Israel’s Antisemitism Ruse

In claiming victimhood Israel follows upon and extends racist settler logics. Yet we are beginning to see beyond this classic ruse.


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