Tag: Marxist Theory


Turning a Profit from Death

How can we stem Narendra Modi’s murderous response to Covid-19 in India? Spectre’s Tithi Bhattacharya explains why anti-capitalism is central to this struggle and why Modi is by no means up to the task.


Mariátegui in Debate

Deni Alfaro Rubbo reviews Mike Gonzalez’s new book, In the Red Corner, about the political ideas of José Carlos Mariátegui.

Literary theory

Rosa Luxemburg and Postcolonial Criticism

Helen Scott argues that Rosa Luxemburg is a key figure in postcolonial literary criticism whose contributions to the field have tended to be overlooked.


Recentering the Lumpen Question Today

Daniel Tutt reconsiders the meaning the “lumpenproletariat,” not as a noun, but as a verb: an active process of lumpenization. What implications does this rethinking have in store for communist strategy, and how does it allow us to better understand the recurrent phenomenon of Bonapartism?


Why Tronti? Why Now?

Steve Wright interviews Andrew Anastasi on his long awaited collection of translated Mario Tronti essays.


What’s in a Slogan?

Why are self-styled socialists going after the slogan “defund the police”? Rawan Abdelbaki challenges them frontally.


Down with Feudalism, Long Live the People!

Thiti Jamkajornkeiat adapts Jit Phumisak’s Marxist theory of the feudal state for use in the ongoing anti-royalist protests in Thailand.


Extracting the Andes

Martín Arboleda’s exceptionally ambitious Planetary Mine, attempts to connect the abstract unfolding of a process of global capital accumulation linking Chile and China across the world market, together with the concrete, sensuous, quotidian realities of labor, territory, and urban life on either end of that abstract flow.


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