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Tag: Racism


The Vicious Circle

Reflecting on the trial of Derek Chauvin, Nicholas De Genova interrogates the white masculinist culture of violence that surrounds policing in the US.


Fuck Mindfulness Workshops

Spectre editor Tithi Bhattacharya explains why elite representation and mindfulness workshops are insufficient; what we need is a resurgence of militant mass mobilizations targeting the racist police state and capital.


Just Imagine, My Dear, It Won’t Be Painless

Jeffery R. Webber writes about Gabriela Cabezón Cámara’s recently translated Booker Prize-nominated novel “The Adventures of China Iron.”


The Radical Practicality of Community Control Over Policing

Community self-defense requires the capacity to respond to any and all challenges to its safety and self-determination – which requires gaining control over the resources currently consumed by police departments.


Snatching Victory

Jasson Perez argues that the rise of authoritarianism is a global phenomenon. When the US left takes an American exceptionalist approach, this sets us back in our quest to defeat neoliberalism, the insurgent right, fascism, and authoritarianism.


Speculating on Race

Before we romanticize the age of the welfare state, it’s worth remembering how the policies of those decades are less an alternative to than a historical basis for today’s landscape of racial exclusion.


The Rabble and the Door

Steve Edwards on the semiotics of the invasion: “one set of supremacist fantasies faced off against another imaginary order.”


Materializing Race

Jack Norton and David Stein respond to John Clegg and Adaner Usmani’s argument that mass incarceration isn’t a product of racism. The authors’ argument, they demonstrate, is both conceptually misguided and empirically wrong.


Unfixing South Asian Identity

Drawing upon autobiographical reflections, JS Titus explores the class stratification of South Asians in the UK. She argues that class and oppression rather than idealized identities must be the basis of forging solidarity today.


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