Tag: Social Movements


New Statue, Old Chimurenga

Lebohang Mojapelo writes about how little Zimbabwe has changed since the November 2017 coup that drove out Robert Mugabe.


Catastrophe in Lebanon

In the wake of the explosion in Beirut, can a social upsurge break free from the grip of Lebanon’s dominant parties?


Abolitionist Socialism

Peter Bloom charts a path toward an abolitionist Marxism rooted in what he calls a “commons sense” for the current moment.


Striking for Racial Justice

Dave Zirin talks about what led to the NBA players’ strike, where it can go from here, and its implications for the Black Lives Matter and labor movements.


One Day

Poem by activist and actor Will Sturdivant.


Join the Poor People’s Army!

The Poor People’s Army writes about their upcoming march on Biden and the DNC. Lives over luxury!


Under China’s Thumb

Two members of Lausan explain how workers are organizing in Hong Kong in the face of the ferocious crackdown by the Chinese government.

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