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Tag: Social Movements


From Palestine to Tahrir Square

Hossam el-Hamalawy argues that Palestine’s struggle for self-determination has served as an inspiration for the struggle for democracy in Egypt


The Middle Ground is Still a Mass Grave

As a settler-colony scrambling to hang on to its dominant position within the current international order, the United States recognizes Israel as a kindred spirit and accomplice that is similarly threatening to buckle under the weight of its own irresolvable contradictions.


Syria’s Protest Movement

Joseph Daher analyzes the causes, scope, strategy, and possible growth of the ongoing regime protest movement in Syria.

A barricade in Oaxaca with revolutionary slogans.

Review of Family Abolition

Alex Adamson reviews M.E. O’Brien’s book Family Abolition. What is the relationship between family abolition and the abolition of racial capitalism?

Class struggle

Revolt and Reaction

Shireen Akram-Boshar draws key lessons from the current wave of revolt and reaction that we can draw from the MENA region

The first massive feminist protest in Buenos Aires, June 2015
Class struggle

Making Everything a Feminist Issue

Camila Valle on the violence of Argentina’s neoliberalism, and the radicalizing feminist response that makes everything a feminist issue.


Understanding the Carnage

The Colorado Springs shooting represents a wave of proto-fascist violence targeting queer and trans people. Now, more than ever, is the time for a mass movement for LGBTQ liberation.


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