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“Bidenomics” in the International Context

This is the first in a series of articles providing a snapshot of the geopolitical moment from a Marxist perspective. Thomas Hummel analyzes the shift toward escalating conflict between the U.S. and China, and examines the possible outcomes in terms of the global balance of power, the possibilities or difficulties for working class organizing, and the chances of inter-imperialist war. Over the course of the series, Hummel will examine whether this shift is likely to be the basis of a new regime of accumulation or a short blip on the radar—that is, an attempt to engineer something for which there is no material basis in reality.


Abolition and Tenant Power in Chinatown

Tenant organizers in LA write about the power of abolitionist politics in the fight against displacement in Chinatown.


A Return on Our Investment

Washington has intervened in Latin America several times since the Monroe Doctrine was established 200 years ago. U.S.-promoted border militarization across the Western Hemisphere is this intervention’s newest evolution.

Class struggle

Notes on America’s Railroads

Guy Miller explains the roots of Congressional strike breaking in the railroad industry.


The City of Blind Windows

The secret of New York is that it is held together with duct tape and screaming. Is the city so far gone that we can never get it back?


The Limits of White Skin Privilege

Michael Goldfield reflects on his time in the Sojourner Truth Organization to develop a critique of Noel Ignatiev’s theory of white skin privilege.


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