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Farah’s 50 Years Later

Fifty years ago, thousands of garment workers along the U.S.-Mexico border launched a two-year strike and boycott at Farah Manufacturing. Gabriel Solis draws lessons from their struggle for social movements on the border today.


Breaking the Strategic Impasse

Now is the time for a new, militant strategy in the face of the radical right’s attempt to eradicate the right to abortion in the United States.


When Common Sense Fails

A systematic critique of Jacobin’s voter preference study: what happens when your political conclusions aren’t supported by your own data?


Payback Time

Kim Moody argues that the current economic conjuncture is among the most favorable for workers in decades. But might we see the organized militancy required to bring about better working conditions, wages, and contracts?


The Necessity of Taking Back the Streets

Warren Montag probes the limits of current DSA strategy in the context of the American far right’s revival. What can the organization do under these conditions?


Coming Home from the Mines

Robert Ovetz reflects on the centenary of the Kansas wildcat coal strikes, considering the role of the Amazon Army and reflecting on lessons to be drawn from this labor history.


Moments of Truth

The struggle for Palestinian liberation isn’t an optional part of a socialist program; it’s an obligatory part of any anti-imperialist politics today.


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