In addition to the print edition and web articles, we regularly sponsor Spectre Live! panels with Haymarket Books on YouTube. As part of that series, we are continuing to present exclusive online discussions for our monthly donors. The first, “Transgender Marxism Against the Backlash,” will be broadcast on July 16 for everyone, followed up with an exclusive online discussion with the speakers for our monthly donors. We have similar events scheduled each quarter, one with Kohei Saito on Degrowth Communism, and another on theories of racial capitalism.

But politics is best done in person, not virtually. So, we’ve developed Spectre reading groups across North America – and would love to see them spread even further. We’ve also organized Spectre panels at various Marxist conferences, including Socialism and Historical Materialism, and we plan to continue doing so – including at Socialism in Chicago in September and HM London in November.

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