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Agents of Repression

A thought experiment on why the police dont deserve the protections of working class solidarity.


The Death of Hong Kong’s Autonomy: Beyond the Crackdown

Spectre’s Ashley Smith interviews leading Hong Kong activist Au Loong Yu in the aftermath of China’s latest crackdown. What does it all mean against the backdrop of the pandemic, global recession, and Cold War redux?


For a Grad Workers’ Strike

Graduate workers can and must be at the forefront of a strike against cops, austerity, and indeed, the capitalist university as it currently exists.


Theses on the Uprising

Spectre’s editorial statement on the ongoing uprising: unconditional support for the rebellion and victory to those in the streets! When we decide that we will decide, a new epoch is on the horizon.


Life vs. Capital

How does the pandemic force us to rethink the relations among capital, state power, and human life?


Infectious Optimism

Dan Boscov-Ellen writes about the limits of reform to stave off climate change, and proposes radical alternatives.


Salt in the Wound

What sorts of crises are emerging from Covid-19, and how should we understand them in relation to prior crises?

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