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Municipal Worker Strikes in Istanbul

As a strike wave builds in Istanbul, we get a taste of what organized labor will look like in a post-AKP Turkey.


After the Pandemic Slump, What Next?

Spectre’s Ashley Smith interviewed economist Michael Roberts about global economic prospects after the corona crisis.


The Radical Practicality of Community Control Over Policing

Community self-defense requires the capacity to respond to any and all challenges to its safety and self-determination – which requires gaining control over the resources currently consumed by police departments.


Proud Boys Face Canada’s Anti-Terror Law

John Clarke argues that the Canadian state’s repression of the Proud Boys sets a dangerous precedent for working-class movements and the political left.

Protesters at night hold signs reading, "Abolish the Police"

Defeat the Police

Omedi Ochieng discusses the police’s role as a counterinsurgent force, and the impact this has on how radical movements can meaningfully pursue police abolition.

Agrarian question

The Postcolonial Autumn

The old regime of the Green Revolution is dying, while a new, more baleful, cycle of agrarian capitalism is waiting to be born. In this interregnum, there has emerged a spectacular groundswell of anti-capitalist resistance by farmers and agrarian workers.


Dressing the Emperor

Thomas Watters explains why a class analysis of the petite bourgeoisie is crucial to understanding the current political moment.


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