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To End Police Violence, End Racial Capitalism

Peter Ikeler demolishes Dustin Guastella’s recent article arguing that socialists should oppose the defunding of police. Against this reactionary nonsense, he advocates a properly socialist and abolitionist politics.

Care Work

Our Children Are in Crisis

A preschool teacher in Vermont writes about the calamity of going back to work in the fall.


Why China Is Capitalist

As of the late 1970s, China has become a fully fledged capitalist nation-state, complete with its own settler colonial projects and characterized by the law of value and the commodity-form.

Art world

Art Workers Rise Up

For too long, gatekeepers of the art world have spoken in the name of the sector’s most marginalized workers. But now these workers are taking back the narrative, linking anti-racist mobilization to struggles in their own workplaces.


A Semester to Die For

In our latest dispatch, an English professor argues that plowing ahead with university reopening in the fall is akin to the Thatcherite mantra, “There is no alternative.”

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