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Viruses illustrated with beadwork by the artist Ruth Cuthand

The Virus Infects Politics, Pt. 1

Philosopher Michael Bray provides us with six theses on social reproduction, biopolitical economies, and the legitimacy of states in the context of the current crisis.



What should we understand today by the term “Leninism”? How much of it actually derives from Lenin’s theoretical output, or must we examine his actual political practice instead?


Is Bolsonaro About to Fall?

Pedro Paulo Zahluth Bastos argues that Bolsonaro’s political demise is on the horizon. In this first installment of his two-part essay, he explores the utility and limits of anti-corruption discourse as it has been deployed by the Bolsonaro regime.


Operating a Train in a Pandemic

A New York transit worker explains the limits of TWU’s conciliatory leadership and advocates a rank-and-file approach as the only way for workers to survive the pandemic.


A COVID-19 Survival Guide

Three workers explain how the working class is fighting for life over profits in Southeastern Michigan.

Health & Health Care

Postcards From the Pandemic

“Postcards from the Pandemic” is a cartoon published by and for Amazon workers, in eight languages, by Amazon Workers International (AWI), a global network of Amazon workers’ organizations.


Sexuality in a Lockdown

Colin Wilson on what COVID-19 reveals about the politics of sexuality, race, class, and gender for the future of LGBTQ liberation.

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