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To Save the World

Huey Hewitt argues that Afropessimism is antithetical to the politics of friendship necessary for any serious project of Black liberation.


China and the U.S. Left

Part 1 in a dialogue between Critical China Scholars and Spectre editors.

Picasso's painting immortalized the scenes of horror when Guernica was bombed on behalf of General Franco's forces. The painting remains an emblem of resistance to the dishonesty of powerful aggressors: at the time, Franco denied responsibility for the horrors, claiming that "the Reds" had "destroyed Guernica" themselves in an attempt to court world sympathy.

Israel’s Antisemitism Ruse

In claiming victimhood Israel follows upon and extends racist settler logics. Yet we are beginning to see beyond this classic ruse.


Rethinking Japan’s Red Years

Gavin Walker discusses the history and state of Marxist theory in Japan from the early 20th century to the present day.


Out of Lockdown and Back into the Long Depression

Ashley Smith interviews Marxist economist Michael Roberts about the deeper reasons for capitalism’s contemporary malaise, the shape and contradictions of the recovery, and debates between Marxists and Keynesians about the ability of government spending to restore growth and profitability to capitalism.

A line of trombonists leads a large military band in full regalia down a wide city street

And the Band Plays On

The role of classical and other U.S. Military Bands in manufacturing patriotism, promoting class distinction, and defending imperialism.


Soso’s Socialism

Thinking alongside Ronald Suny’s magnum opus, Bryan Gigantino writes about the politics of remembering Stalin in Georgia and the fate of that country after the fall of the USSR.


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