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Latin America

Manufacturing Legitimacy

Given the recent election in Peru it is important to remember the lessons of OAS intervention in Bolivia.


Trans Organizing in Times of Mass Struggle

Spectre Journal plans to publish in Issue Five a series of short essays that consider the involvement of trans organizers in recent cycles of struggle.


What Is the Meaning of Revolution Today?

Spectre editor David McNally confronts the new reformism, calling for radical honesty as we assess the meaning of revolution today.

The Making of India’s Vaccine Famine

The inexorable future toward which vaccine capitalism is taking us is a Covid endemic: a future where Covid is a treatable disease for the upper middle classes and a continuous deadly infectious disease with a steady level of fatalities among the poor.


Know Your Enemy

In this original, empirically rich study, Andreas Malm and the Zetkin Collective provide a systematic inquiry into the political ecology of the far right in the twenty-first century.


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