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Under China’s Thumb

Two members of Lausan explain how workers are organizing in Hong Kong in the face of the ferocious crackdown by the Chinese government.


Why China Is Capitalist

As of the late 1970s, China has become a fully fledged capitalist nation-state, complete with its own settler colonial projects and characterized by the law of value and the commodity-form.


Notes Toward a More Global History of Capitalism

Andrew Liu explains his new book on the development of capitalism in India and China in relation to his reading of Marx’s Capital. It is the concept of value, he argues, that allows us to fully realize what is novel about capitalist production.


The Death of Hong Kong’s Autonomy: Beyond the Crackdown

Spectre’s Ashley Smith interviews leading Hong Kong activist Au Loong Yu in the aftermath of China’s latest crackdown. What does it all mean against the backdrop of the pandemic, global recession, and Cold War redux?

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