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Photograph of a large, modern train station in England.
Class struggle

Tories Collapse Amidst a Growing Strike Wave

Raymond Morell writes about the latest wave of strikes across the UK in the face of an inflation and cost-of-living crisis, and analyzes the strengths and challenges facing the burgeoning movement.


Upticks, Waves, and Social Upsurge

Kim Moody explores the significance of Striketober 2021: what it means, and just as importantly, what it doesn’t.


Out of Lockdown and Back into the Long Depression

Ashley Smith interviews Marxist economist Michael Roberts about the deeper reasons for capitalism’s contemporary malaise, the shape and contradictions of the recovery, and debates between Marxists and Keynesians about the ability of government spending to restore growth and profitability to capitalism.


Turning a Profit from Death

How can we stem Narendra Modi’s murderous response to Covid-19 in India? Spectre’s Tithi Bhattacharya explains why anti-capitalism is central to this struggle and why Modi is by no means up to the task.


After the Pandemic Slump, What Next?

Spectre’s Ashley Smith interviewed economist Michael Roberts about global economic prospects after the corona crisis.


Why the Boss Is Happy to Let You Die

The Canadian government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic is calculated and purposeful, and it reveals much about how our society is organized.


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