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A Return on Our Investment

Washington has intervened in Latin America several times since the Monroe Doctrine was established 200 years ago. U.S.-promoted border militarization across the Western Hemisphere is this intervention’s newest evolution.


The Mother Gives Birth, the State Kills

Dina Alves tells the story of the Brazilian Mothers of May movement: how it came to be and the challenges it faces in the reality of the Brazilian criminal justice system.


Looting, Dispossessing, Incarcerating

How is the ecological fallout from the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam in Brazil related to the struggle against prisons?

This is a side-on view of the Brazilian flag draped over a table. The words, "Ordem e Progresso" are visible.

“Bolsonarismo” after Bolsonaro

Sean Purdy explains how a network of far-right elements may seek to continue promoting a “Bolsonarist” agenda in Brazil, even after his loss to Lula da Silva in Brazil’s recent Presidential election, and how the left must learn from its legacy of antifascist struggle in order to truly defeat them.


First and Third World Ecosocialisms

David Camfield argues that neither Matt Huber’s First World ecosocialism nor Kai Heron’s Third World ecosocialism are sufficient political responses to the ecological crisis of global capitalism.


Life That Resists Death

A leftist activist in Iran explains the conditions that led to the latest uprising spreading across the country.


On Collective Grieving

Loubna Qutami writes of the Zionist assassination of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh, whose represented hope in the face of settler colonial fragmentation.


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