Tag: Global South


New Statue, Old Chimurenga

Lebohang Mojapelo writes about how little Zimbabwe has changed since the November 2017 coup that drove out Robert Mugabe.


Notes Toward a More Global History of Capitalism

Andrew Liu explains his new book on the development of capitalism in India and China in relation to his reading of Marx’s Capital. It is the concept of value, he argues, that allows us to fully realize what is novel about capitalist production.


Is Bolsonaro About to Fall?

Pedro Paulo Zahluth Bastos argues that Bolsonaro’s political demise is on the horizon. In this first installment of his two-part essay, he explores the utility and limits of anti-corruption discourse as it has been deployed by the Bolsonaro regime.


¡Fuera Piñera!

An analysis of the 2019-20 uprising in Chile.

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