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Materialism and the Crisis of Marxism

What philosophical form corresponds to mass struggles? Arguing against a monistic Marxism, Darren Rosso continues the debate.


The City of Blind Windows

The secret of New York is that it is held together with duct tape and screaming. Is the city so far gone that we can never get it back?

Green-blue Casa Ejidal in an agrarian setting in Comonfort, Mexico

Mexico’s Ejido Experiment

Richard Velázquez Perales shows how Mexico’s ejidos offer more liberated relations of agrarian production but cannot alone resolve rural inequalities which predate, but were magnified by, neoliberal reforms.

Futuristic urban communal housing with agriculture, solar panels, and cooperative labor

Revolution in Our Lifetime

Phil Kaplan reviews M.E. Obrien and Eman Abdelhadi’s Everything for Everyone, a speculative oral history of the struggle for the New York Commune.

Picasso's painting immortalized the scenes of horror when Guernica was bombed on behalf of General Franco's forces. The painting remains an emblem of resistance to the dishonesty of powerful aggressors: at the time, Franco denied responsibility for the horrors, claiming that "the Reds" had "destroyed Guernica" themselves in an attempt to court world sympathy.

Israel’s Antisemitism Ruse

In claiming victimhood Israel follows upon and extends racist settler logics. Yet we are beginning to see beyond this classic ruse.


Soso’s Socialism

Thinking alongside Ronald Suny’s magnum opus, Bryan Gigantino writes about the politics of remembering Stalin in Georgia and the fate of that country after the fall of the USSR.


False Profits

Robert Ovetz critically engages Christian Parenti’s latest book Radical Hamilton: Economic Lessons from a Misunderstood Founder.


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