To the racist police officers who arrested brother Rayford without arresting the racist and violent security guard, you are the reason we need to defund the police. To the racist security guard who brutalized brother Rayford, again, you are the reason why we need to defund the police. To our Palestinian brother, who added to that injustice, you are the reason why we need to defund the police.

To the officers who brutalized Taniyah, Messiah, Breonna, George…. We need to defund the police! Within our own communities, within our neighborhoods, communities we built, where our families have lived for centuries, where we raised our families, we are constantly being terrorized at the hands of police. If it’s not us being killed, it’s us being beaten. If it’s not us being beaten, it’s us being brutalized.

If it’s not us being brutalized, it’s that we’re being watched, we’re being stalked in our own neighborhoods, that we built with our hands. For too long, for too long, for too long, it has been this way. We need change, family. We need change. Right now, right now is the time. Say it after me, “Right now is the time!”

Right now is the time to defund the police! My brothers, my sisters, my fellow humans, I urge everyone to follow the command of our Prophet Muhammad. Justice is not only achievable by protest. If we want justice, vote. Again, if we want justice, we vote. Local elections matter, too. If we want justice, boycott. If we want justice… for Jayson, for Taniyah, for Messiah, for George, get involved! Our time is not when someone dies, but ALL THE TIME! 

Justice for Taniyah! Justice for Messiah! Justice for Jason! Justice for Breonna! Defund the police!