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“Viva, Viva, Palestina!”

Campus Protest, in Images

May 7, 2024

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, student protesters from in and around Washington, D.C., convened at the George Washington University campus as part of a nationwide movement of student encampment protests calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and demanding that universities divest from corporations that profit from creating the weapons and tools with which the state of Israel has killed over 30,000 Palestinians and counting. Except when explicit consent was provided, the following photo essay includes no images with recognizable faces of protesters.

My role in the movement for collective liberation is as a photojournalist. Within that role, my duty is clear: to document. In my view, journalism can serve as a conduit through which the collective strives for justice. These visuals are the fruit of many sleepless nights and an unyielding desire to share them far and wide, allowing more to bear witness to the ideals that students and countless others are championing—a Free Palestine.
A student protester wears a keffiyeh as they work on their laptop in the encampment at night.
A bullhorn is set down for a moment as protesters sit together on the ground. A small Palestinian flag waves alongside it.
After university police blockaded the encampment with students stuck inside, protestors throw the barricades into a pile in the center of University Yard.

Journalism can serve as a conduit through which the collective strives for justice.

A student protester poses for a portrait in the encampment.
Two student protestors write “Viva Viva Palestina” in chalk on the ground of the encampment in University Yard as others watch on.
A student protester using a wheelchair and wearing a Keffiyeh attends the encampment in solidarity.


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