A Message from Walter Rodney

A Speech from Juneteenth 2020, NYC

June 25, 2020

I want to uplift the name of Walter Rodney

Walter Rodney was a Guyanese, Pan-africanist, Marxist revolutionary.

He was murdered on in Guyana, on June 13, 1980

He was 38. It has been 40 years since he was killed.

His legacy lives on.

He has a message for all of us, that I will share with all of you. 

Walter Rodney was a Guyanese, Pan-africanist, Marxist revolutionary...his legacy lives on.

Repeat after me:

“No one but the working class can liberate the working class. 

Anyone who offers you freedom as a gift

Is either trying to fool you or foll themselves.
Freedom is not a gift. Freedom is something you take.”

(paraphrase from Walter Rodney, In the Sky’s Wild Noise: A Documentary on Dr. Walter Rodney)



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