I need somebody I can call, when my neighbor tells me to kill myself. I need somebody I can call that ain’t the police. Because the police don’t do shit for me, right? I ain’t gonna call the police on him, no matter what the fuck he says to me, because I don’t want him to die. I don’t want my neighbor to die, even my neighbor that’s saying that shit to me. And if I call the police I am putting him in more danger, I am putting myself in more danger. And that means also, that means if you are a worker, right? And this is a worker’s issue.

If you are a worker and you have to be up for your 7:00 am shift, and your neighbor is popping off fireworks, you’ve gotta find something to do that isn’t calling 9-1-1. Thirteen thousand. Thirteen thousand calls about fireworks in the last month. We can do better!