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On the 12th Day of Spectre My Comrade Gave to Me

Our Top 12 of 2020

December 24, 2020

It’s been a busy year for us here at Spectre. We launched our website in March, raised over $75K to launch our print journal, and put out two issues in May and November. We have a lot in store for 2021, including more frequent Spectre Live! events via Zoom, our long delayed hoodies and totes on the way, and of course, more quality content on both the web and in print.

For the holidays this year, we’re doing our version of “12 Days of Christmas,” presenting our most read pieces from this year – and therefore of all time.

12. “Materializing Race: On Capitalism and Mass Incarceration” by Jack Norton and David Stein

11. “An Organic Crisis Is Upon Us: When Gramsci Goes Viral” by Zachary Levenson

10. “Global Fever: A Review of Andreas Malm’s Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency” by Gareth Dale

9. “Why China Isn’t Capitalist (Despite the Pink Ferraris): A Reply to Eli Friedman” by Richard Smith

8. “Theses on the Uprising: Dangerous Times” by Spectre Editorial Board

7. “Notes Toward a More Global History of Capitalism: Reading Marx’s Capital in India and China” by Andrew Liu

6. “Why China Is Capitalist: Toward an Anti-Nationalist Anti-Imperialism” by Eli Friedman

5. “The Virus, Capitalism, and the Long Depression” by Michael Roberts

4. “What’s New About Woke Racial Capitalism (And What Isn’t): “Wokewashing and the Limits of Representation” by Enzo Rossi and Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò

3. “How ‘Just-in-Time’ Capitalism Spread COVID-19: Trade Routes, Transmission, and International Solidarity” by Kim Moody

2. “On Social Reproduction and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Seven Theses” by the Marxist Feminist Collective

In any war, it helps to name what you are fighting so you can figure out who are your friends and who are your foes. In this case, I understand the larger war to be over social reproduction.



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