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On the Economic Power of Capital

Hugo de Camps interviews Søren Mau on his new book Mute Compulsion, a groundbreaking new reading of Marx’s theory of economic power.


Mental Illness and Capitalism

David Matthews problematizes biological conceptualizations of mental illness under capitalism and outlines a dialectical, historical Marxist approach.


Neither Productivism nor Degrowth

Ståle Holgersen moves us beyond the stale impasse between degrowth and eco-modernist approaches to eco-socialist strategy.



While incarcerated, Heather Jarvis reflects on bathrooms as formative scenes.


Marching to a Different Drummer

Susan Ferguson explains how an analytic focus on time and temporalities might help us better understand how capitalism concretely conditions the work of life-making.

Close-up of Benjamin Franklin's face on hundred banknote.

Crisis, Rivalry, and the Fragmentation of Global Capitalism

Ashley Smith interviews Michael Roberts about the system’s seemingly intractable crisis, the looming threat of war between great powers, and the desperate need for international working-class solidarity against militarism.


The Political Social Ontology of Astrology

Astrology has regained prominence as a resistance practice that challenges capitalist modernity. Matthew Cull and Nadia Mehdi ask: How might forms of thought inherent to astrological practice render us more susceptible to capitalist control, not less?

Blue tractor trailer with Amazon Prime logo crosses a bridge over water.

Turnover Time

Kim Moody explains how the extreme optimization of Amazon’s logistics systems, which keep goods (and therefore, capital) in constant motion, produces massive profits for the company while rendering it distinctively vulnerable to workers’ intervention. As technologically advanced as it is, Amazon still relies on human labor at every point in production; as its logistics networks become increasingly complicated, the points at which production can be slowed or stopped by organized labor continue to multiply.


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