Tag: Politics


New Statue, Old Chimurenga

Lebohang Mojapelo writes about how little Zimbabwe has changed since the November 2017 coup that drove out Robert Mugabe.


Catastrophe in Lebanon

In the wake of the explosion in Beirut, can a social upsurge break free from the grip of Lebanon’s dominant parties?


Right-Wing Suicide in the U.S. Today

How should we understand the irrationalism of American rightists today? What to make of their seeming enthusiasm for the death drive?


Join the Poor People’s Army!

The Poor People’s Army writes about their upcoming march on Biden and the DNC. Lives over luxury!


Under China’s Thumb

Two members of Lausan explain how workers are organizing in Hong Kong in the face of the ferocious crackdown by the Chinese government.


American Carnage

Police racism isn’t aberrant but is constitutive of a material and practical system of white supremacy embodied in state power.


The Virus Infects Politics, Pt. 2

Philosopher Michael Bray provides us with six theses on social reproduction, biopolitical economies, and the legitimacy of states in the context of the current crisis.

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