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Counterrevolution in Sudan

How should we understand October’s military coup in Sudan? And what is left of the resistance in the wake of the 2018-19 movement?


What Was Chinese Trotskyism?

Taking Wang Fanxi’s analysis of Chinese Trotskyism as his point of departure, Promise Li argues that recovering dissident Marxisms is essential for the contemporary project of challenging bureaucratic cooptation of working-class struggles.


Continuous Crisis in Lebanon

Over a year after the explosion in Beirut, Joseph Daher explains why Lebanon’s neoliberal sectarian parties are likely to maintain their hegemony.

Picasso's painting immortalized the scenes of horror when Guernica was bombed on behalf of General Franco's forces. The painting remains an emblem of resistance to the dishonesty of powerful aggressors: at the time, Franco denied responsibility for the horrors, claiming that "the Reds" had "destroyed Guernica" themselves in an attempt to court world sympathy.

Israel’s Antisemitism Ruse

In claiming victimhood Israel follows upon and extends racist settler logics. Yet we are beginning to see beyond this classic ruse.

Latin America

Manufacturing Legitimacy

Given the recent election in Peru it is important to remember the lessons of OAS intervention in Bolivia.


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