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The Radical Practicality of Community Control Over Policing

Community self-defense requires the capacity to respond to any and all challenges to its safety and self-determination – which requires gaining control over the resources currently consumed by police departments.


Proud Boys Face Canada’s Anti-Terror Law

John Clarke argues that the Canadian state’s repression of the Proud Boys sets a dangerous precedent for working-class movements and the political left.

Agrarian question

The Postcolonial Autumn

The old regime of the Green Revolution is dying, while a new, more baleful, cycle of agrarian capitalism is waiting to be born. In this interregnum, there has emerged a spectacular groundswell of anti-capitalist resistance by farmers and agrarian workers.


Fascism, Capital, and the State Today

Charlie Post responds to Cihan Tuğal’s critique of Spectre’s editorial statement on the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.


The Rabble and the Door

Steve Edwards on the semiotics of the invasion: “one set of supremacist fantasies faced off against another imaginary order.”


Fascism, Resistance, and the State

Cihan Tuğal offers a friendly critique of Spectre’s editorial statement on antifascist strategy in the wake of last week’s capitol riots.


We Cannot Let Yesterday’s Farce Become Tomorrow’s Tragedy

Wednesday’s stunt signaled a new stage in the emergence of a fascist right in the country. We must adamantly reject all “law and order” approaches, instead taking matters into our own hands, driving fascists out of the streets and out of our workplaces.


What’s in a Slogan?

Why are self-styled socialists going after the slogan “defund the police”? Rawan Abdelbaki challenges them frontally.


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